Society Registration

Society or association is an organized group of people with an aim and objective of non-profitable service. As per the provision of Telangana Societies Registration Act, 2001, society can be registered in the office of the Registrar in which district the society is intended to be established. Registration of society will have legal recognition, and it will be possible to run society legally with discipline. In this article, we look at the procedure for Telangana Society Registration in detail.

As per the Societies Registration Act, 2001 a minimum of 7 persons who have attained the age of 18 years can form a society in Telangana. Society should contain a minimum of 3 executive committee members. The following are some of the purposes to form a society:

  • Art, Fine Arts and crafts
  • Educational, charity, cultural, literature and religious purposes
  • Sports (excluding games of chance) purpose
  • Knowledge of commerce and industry purpose
  • For political education and training
  • For maintaining a library in Telangana
  • For collection and preservation of historical monuments, technical and philosophical research
  • Promotion of scientific temper in society
  • For any public purpose

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